Dee Mac

My reasons for joining Sarah’s program in April are very different to anyone else’s. Early in 2016 I endured difficult circumstances that caused great stress. My body reacted to the stress by shedding weight- and I was already petite. Seven kilos in two months and I was just more stressed that I couldn’t increase it.

I saw my GP when I hit 50kg who advised that I needed to reduce the stress with meditation, relaxation techniques and EXERCISE! I told my friend Liz who was already a client of Sarah’s and she insisted that I join up. The program has changed my outlook on life and made me physically strong.
I have just completed my second round and I feel mentally and physically strong. I have gained 3kg and many centimeters of muscle on my legs and arms. Most importantly, I am loving the buzz I get from the sessions and the support from such a wonderful, caring coach. Thank you Sarah, I am stronger within as well as in body. X