Liz Eastwood

I first met Sarah about 5 years ago, when she was working in a gym. I started the 8 week program with Sarah because I’ve felt really unhappy with my body image and food choices since I had my daughter, and I wasn’t happy with the lazy habits that had crept into my life since sleep deprivation had become my new best friend. I needed a new habit. I’m not a gym person, and not a gym class person, but I need some sort of structure and commitment in my life when it comes to health and fitness. Finding time in your week to commit to 2 or 3 hours of training a week, outside in the fresh air, with a great bunch of women and an OUTSTANDING personal trainer is easy.

Training with Sarah has been the best decision. Regardless of how I feel when I turn up to a session, Sarah always makes me feel good about myself, provides the encouragement and challenge that I need and working with a group of ladies who have similar goals to my own is such a positive and supportive environment to be in. The recipes, videos, resources and Facebook group are a constant reminder that I need to look after myself – mind, body and spirit.

I had great results from the first 8 week program I did, and I didn’t hesitate in signing up for Round 2! I could continue with what I’ve learned on my own – but working with others is so much more fun! And Sarah is such a great, supportive resource to have!

Sarah is definitely my new healthy habit!